The Prince Rupert District is pleased to welcome all new students to our schools. Please note that registration at your school of choice is based on availability.
When registering your child, please note the following process:
1. Determine your school by catchment area.
Once your form is processed the school will contact you regarding required documentation. The following documents are required: 
1. Proof of birth date for the student (birth certificate or passport).
2. Proof of guardianship (as shown on child’s birth certificate, or other appropriate legal documentation such as landed immigrant document or guardianship order).
3. Proof of citizenship for both the parent and student (Canadian Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Passport, Landed Immigrant Document, Permanent Resident Card, Enhanced Driver’s License or Enhanced Identification Card).
4. Proof of residence (e.g., ordinarily resident) of parent/guardian in BC:
  • Three pieces of identification showing the address of residence (purchase or rental agreement, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.).
  • One of the three pieces above must be government issued in order to complete the registration process (BC driver’s license, BC Services Card, BCID or BC Care Card of parent/legal guardian).


Documents which are helpful, but not required:

  • Health documents (care card, immunization records, medical condition information).
  • Educational background (report cards).

The school district recognizes that personal circumstances may make it difficult for some individuals to complete the registration process. Please discuss any unique circumstances with the school principal when you are contacted. We welcome all new students and we are pleased to assist in any way we can.


If your child is 5 years old by December 31, 2024, s/he is eligible to start school this coming September.

Please contact your neighbourhood school for consultation if you are concerned about your child’s readiness. Students who are not registered during the two weeks of registration are not guaranteed a placement at their neighbourhood school.

Please click here for more information on 2024-25 Kindergarten registration

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