The Coordinator of English Language Learners and English as a Second Language:

  • Works collaboratively with School District 52’s Aboriginal Education Department and Learning Support Services
  • Support teachers in using Aboriginal content in the classroom that can be used in all subject areas. Include culturally relevant data and provide resources to staff
  • Support classrooms and schools in using a collaborative co-teaching program that benefits all students and focuses on E.L.L./E.S.L learners
  • Co-plan E.L.L. meetings with Aboriginal Education staff/helping teachers. Meet with E.L.L. teachers for bi-monthly meetings to support program implementation
  • Support schools and teachers with inquiry projects. Assist with backwards design and implementation of units and planning meetings
  • Provide an annual report on the E.L.L./E.S.L program
  • Train and support E.L.L. teachers with assessing students using the P.P.V.T. and E.V.T. Assess students using the E.S.L. oral standards, using the standards for guiding instruction, reporting to parents, and for looking at language growth.  The information gathered from the standards will be collected for and reported in the Achievement Contract.
  • Collect data on our E.L.L./E.S.L. students and monitor caseload and trends
  • Assist teachers with maintaining files and service records